Tips For Winterizing Your Sprayer

If you haven’t yet prepared your sprayer for a winter break and protection from the elements, it’s not too late! Here are a few tips to consider as you store your sprayer until next spring:

-Check for any spray mix residue and rinse the whole system, including hoses, filters, nozzles and tanks using a rinsing solution when available.

– To prevent any freezing, ensure that all cleaning water has been drained from all parts.

– Remove any parts that may corrode over the winter, such as nozzle tips and strainers, to be dried and stored separate and apart from the sprayer.

-Take special care of the pumps after draining all water. You should refer to the operator’s manual to determine the best plan of action.

-Ensure the outside of the sprayer is clean. Remove any debris with a bristle brush when possible, and completely wash exterior parts.

-Carefully check the equipment for any scratches that need repainted to prevent corrosion from occurring.

-Whenever possible store your sprayer in a dry building.

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