Are You Getting the Right Seed Recommendations?

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The single most important factor in selecting a corn hybrid or soybean variety is selecting for yield potential. Every year there are new trait options as well as new stacked traits becoming available, making it a much more difficult challenge of selecting the right hybrids or varieties for your acres.

Here are some simple tactics for selecting corn hybrids and soybean varieties for 2015:

  • Selecting the right genetic package that is well adapted and suited for each specific field of your operation. Pick specific hybrids and varieties that have a greater yield consistency across various yield environments.
  • Spread your risk by planting multiple hybrids or varieties with varying maturities. Mid-summer heat during pollination is always a risk so spread your pollination out by varying hybrids.
  • Diversify your genetic choices. Make sure that your Seed supplier provides different base genetics and has the ability to provide specific trait options that fit your specific needs for each individual field. Identify specific trait needs based on disease/stress and insect pressures on your acres. Make sure you are getting the right recommendations for your soil and operation. It is the responsibility of any reputable seed supplier! AGAIN….Yield comes from genetics and traits help protect the yield potential with the presence of pests and disease.
  • Use common sense when selecting seed products for your farm. Use your operation characteristics to select products. Looking at the importance of soil types, tillage practices, storage and equipment, harvest moisture, insect/disease pressures. After you identify your characteristics for each individual field, determine the importance of adding traits to your genetic package. If you need specific traits use them to maximize the genetic potential.
  • Keep good field records. This information helps you determine the most important characteristics for each individual field.
  • Continue to work with your seed supplier to make the right seed choices for your operation.

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