Set the Stage Now for Spring

Marestail Rosette

Marestail in the Rosette Stage. This is the point where the weed is easiest to control.

Fall is a great time to control some of those troublesome weeds that we face in the spring.

Winter annuals such as Marestail, Chickweed and Deadnettle are starting to emerge. The best time to control these weeds is during the fall.

Marestail, for example, germinates in the fall and forms a rosette. When spring comes the plant is growing upwards (bottling). It is much easier to control Marestail while it is still in that rosette stage.

Although Chickweed and Deadnettle can be controlled in the spring, they can cause other spring difficulties. Because these plants form a thick mat, they can be difficult to plant through. In addition, Chickweed and Deadnettle are the perfect home for those early season insects.



Matted growth of Deadnettle.



Matted growth of Chickweed




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