Efficient Fertility Management with EcoPhos


While talking with growers across the state, in preparation for the 2015 production season, the hot topic of conversation is more efficiency. Whether it’s seed, equipment, chemicals, or fertilizer; everyone is looking for ways to be economically efficient, this year more than ever. A good place to start is with your fertility program.


Fertility is a critical piece of the puzzle because it has a direct effect on yields; and yet many growers are considering cutting back in this area. Yes, we are facing a lot of pressure due to low commodity prices but keep in mind: While low commodity prices make for a bad day; low commodity prices together with low yields make for a bad year. The solution varies from farm to farm but begins with a precisely managed fertility program including Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, row starter, and foliar feeding.


Phosphorus is particularly important to the growth, development and yield of row crops. It plays a huge role in photosynthesis, and is needed more by plants during grain fill, than Nitrogen and Potassium. Some other benefits of Phosphorus include:

  • Stimulated root development
  • Increased stalk and stem strength
  • Improved flower formation and seed production
  • More uniform and earlier crop maturity
  • Increased nitrogen N-fixing capacity of legumes
  • Improvements in crop quality
  • Increased resistance to plant diseases


The issue with Phosphorus that growers need to be aware of is its availability. Universities and soil scientists agree that Phosphorus, when applied to the soil, is 20% available and the remaining 80% is tied up and remains in the soil bank until those bonds are broken. This process could take anywhere from 6 months to 30 years. Also, the positively charged nutrients in the soil, Iron Calcium Magnesium Aluminum and Zinc, bind with the negatively charged Phosphate causing all those nutrients to be unavailable to the plants.

These inefficiencies coupled with the importance of fertility and low commodity prices, make EcoPhos the perfect solution for optimizing any fertilizer program.

EcoPhos is a proprietary fertilizer specially formulated for use on corn, soybeans, wheat, and most other crops requiring Phosphorus nutrition. Every unit of EcoPhos contains protected Phosphorus. This unique polymer protection allows for improved nutrient uptake and helps the plant realize its full yield potential while maximizing your return on investment. EcoPhos is a great way to optimize any form of Phosphate application; dry, liquid, or manure.

As a secondary benefit, EcoPhos protects the Phosphate by limiting the chemical fixation of negatively charged Phosphate with positively charged elements in the soil, water, and fertilizer; making any nutrient application or row starter more available to the plants and more efficient. Tissue and feed quality tests have shown benefits such as increased nutrient availability resulting in improved grain quality, better digestibility, and higher yields.

Basically, the amount of available phosphorus in the soil doubles with the application of EcoPhos.

For growers searching for a more economical path to higher yields in 2015, protecting every Phosphate application is a must! Please contact me or any other member of the Novus Ag team for more information on EcoPhos, and stay tuned for other ways you can efficiently manage your fertility this year.

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