Today’s Best Buy in Nitrogen

Market conditions for nitrogen are different this year than in years past. As you think about your nitrogen needs you may want to consider an alternate source.

Below are three snapshots showing market trends and affordability for Urea, UAN (28%) and Ammonia. 


Ammonia Market Trends




UAN Market Trends



Urea Market Trends 


As you can see, Urea is the best value per pound of N as compared to the price of corn. This is contrary to typical years where Ammonia is usually the cheapest source of N. Compounding this issue is the fact that ammonia is more costly to get applied than urea or UAN.

 With commodity prices much lower and other inputs such as cash rent, equipment, seed, chemical and fertilizer costs staying flat, we understand it’s important to lower your cost of production everywhere you can without sacrificing yield.

 Let us know how we can help with your input decisions.


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