What is your seed plan for 2015?

soybean seedlingWhile there are many factors that are responsible for producing a good crop in the spring of 2015 such as better genetics, efficient fertility programs, nutritional and foliar programs and sound pest and weed management systems.

But let’s not forget the importance of matching hybrids and varieties to specific fields and following through with your seed plan. This placement is critical to your overall success for 2015. We can’t control Mother Nature and the 1,000 plus variables to raising a crop every year. However, we can make sure that we have identified the seed needs for each individual field and make sure that we give each individual field the best opportunity to deliver yield performance.

Every operation has varying soil types, specific pest and weed management needs, and unique fertility recommendation’s that are a custom fit each field. These factors must be taken into consideration during your planning process.

The road to success starts with not only having a good plan, but following that plan throughout the crop year. Make sure that you have a specific game plan for each individual field and that you are prepared to make your plan work for your operation.

For assistance with your 2015 seed plan, contact myself or any of our Associate Partners.

Have a safe and prosperous 2015!

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