Center for Excellence Foliar Feeding Results


This year we had the opportunity to have several of our Innova Performance Products included in the foliar feeding studies done at the Center for Excellence in Southern Michigan. 

The Center for Excellence began in 1997 hosted by Bakerlad Farms and Raymond and Stutzman Farms.  It was originally started by Monsanto as a technology showcase, but in 2003 evolved into much more.  It continues to look at innovative new technologies while still focusing on no-till and conservation tillage.  The annual field day is held every August with a data results meeting the following January.  These events typically bring in 300-500 people every year. 

Attached you will see the data summarized and presented by the cooperators in January.  A few notes on the trials: the soybeans at Bakerlads were planted late and the foliar’s were subsequently applied later in the season as well.  The NutriMaxx Green was applied outside the products intended window of v3-v5 at both sites.

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