Protect your nitrogen investment!

In a market with tighter commodity prices, managing your fertility dollar is a top priority for us at Novus Ag.

To put out a corn crop a grower will spend on average $75-100 per acre on nitrogen. That is a large investment! Depending on the year, you can lose up to 50% of your nitrogen if it is not stabilized in the soil. Not only are you losing your investment, loss of yield can substantially affect your return.

We have some great options to help you protect your investment and maximize your return.



  • Highest concentration above ground NBPT product on the market
  • Inhibits urease enzyme, minimizing ammonia losses
  • Can be used with Urea or UAN
  • High concentration of NBPT provides easier handling and the lowest use rate per ton of Urea or UAN of any proven urease inhibitor on the market



  • Highest quality below ground nitrogen protection
  • Slows the conversion of ammonium nitrogen to nitrate
  • Contains a proven performer for nitrification inhibition (DCD)
  • Can be used with Urea or UAN
  • Structured use rate allows for greater agronomic flexibility



  • Above and below ground protection in one product
  • Provides NBPT and DCD to protect nitrogen above and below ground
  • Structured use rate allows for greater agronomic flexibility
  • Designed for use in UAN fertilizer solutions


Please see your Novus Ag Associate Partner or contact us at (937) 349-2080.

We wish you a safe and prosperous spring season!

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