Now Introducing ChromeSR!



ChromeSR improves plant performance and complements
a balanced fertilizer program. Corn utilizes large quantities
of nitrogen during the grand growth phase. From the
8th-leaf stage through tasseling N uptake is 4 pounds to 8 pounds per day per acre. Soybean nitrogen demand
increases at R3 and peaks shortly after beginning to pod. ChromeSR gives plants entering the reproductive phase a
strategic, quick and highly efficient nitrogen source when demand is most crucial. Plant root systems provide the
main artery for nutrient transfer to plants. There are many factors that can contribute to inadequate nutrient uptake
as the season progresses and ChromeSR will address those in-season deficiencies to help maximize yields.

Take a look at ChromeSR Flyer, as always contact myself or any Novus Ag Staff with questions or recommendations.



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