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With continued wet weather and extended crop stress, aerial application of foliar nutritionals can be a timely and effective way to meet a struggling crops need. In many areas across the state it has been difficult to get any ground applications done between rain events. Lack of sunshine and lack of consistent heat has resulted in many crops “just sitting idle”.

Yellow plants this season may be caused by a loss of nitrogen, lack of oxygen due to saturated soils, and a build up of the ethylene hormone due to stress. Any one of these factors or a combination of them will reduce the amount of nutrients moving into and within the plant.

Our nutritional products are designed to feed the plant as well as give it a jumpstart to help overcome the environmental conditions and stressors. Foliar applications are more efficient at lower rates than soil applications. Nitrogen, the most studied foliar nutrient, is 10-40% recoverable by the plant when soil applied as compared to 31-99% recoverable when foliar applied.

If you have fields that are concerning and would like to discuss possible solutions please contact us at Novus Ag.


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