SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE: Preserving our environment and protecting your bottom line!


SUSTAIN Certified Novus Ag Team Members (from left to right): Brad Higgins, Yvette Fetterly, Brad Rivers, Justin Rivers, Doug Hasting, Scott Spelman, Candyce Schultz, Leah Palmer


What exactly are we up to when we are not visiting your farm, making deliveries or applying fertilizer? We spend our down-time learning about how to assist you with issues that your operation will face both now and in the future.

On July 21 and 22 the Novus Ag team was certified as a SUSTAIN retailer. SUSTAIN was created by United Suppliers in coordination with the Environmental Defense Fund. The goal of the program is to provide education and training to retailers and growers on how to improve nutrient efficiency use, enhancing soil health and maximizing yields while minimizing the environmental implications caused by runoff.

The training focused on the “4Rs” of fertilizer management (Right source, Right rate, Right time, Right place) and the Novus Ag team specifically discussed how they can aid growers in not only reducing runoff, but how their fertility plans can be managed to improve the nutrient efficiency and thus overall profitability.

In response to a need for more sustainable fertility management practices due to watershed issues, Novus Ag has created a total fertility management program called Nourish 360. Details on Nourish 360 will be coming soon to aide you in planning for the 2016 growing season.

To learn more about Novus Ag’s participation in SUSTAIN training, read more here on the Environmental Defense Fund’s Blog.





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