The Power of Choice

Thanks to the support of area growers, we at Novus Ag recently celebrated our second year in business.

In an environment where retailers are rapidly consolidating, we are one of the few new independent retailers entering the marketplace. We founded Novus Ag to give you not only another choice, but to recommend what is best for your specific operation– not what is most profitable for us.

We believe in free enterprise and in growers having the power of a choice of whom they do business with. Our core values are to serve you in a professional manner, with integrity, to offer clear communication, to be trustworthy and to make doing business with us fun and enjoyable.

This is a challenging economic time and our desire is to assist you as you determine the best way to invest your input dollars.

In the September 21 issue of Green Markets, Agrium CFO Steven Douglas was interviewed about Agrium’s strategy and direction for their retail division, Crop Production Services (CPS), in current market conditions. Here is an excerpt from that article:

Agrium Inc., always a supporter of adding to its retail segment, recently told analysts current agricultural economics and low corn prices could work to its advantage in its march toward expanding its number of retail outlets. “It has been very lucrative for us and it’s an immense focus for us going forward,” said Steven Douglas, Agrium vice president and CFO, speaking at UBS Best of Americas Conference, “because we think $3.50 corn would be a terrible thing to waste when hopefully all these independents are looking at getting out of business. –Published in Green Markets, September 21, 2015

We do not see $3.50 corn as a “terrible thing to waste.” Novus Ag is committed to helping you weather current crop prices by helping you get the maximum return for your budget, regardless of what it may look like for the 2016 growing season.

We are proud to give you the power of a choice in the marketplace. Our plan is to earn your business with strong agronomic advice and excellent service, not to acquire our competitors in order to limit the number of choices you have.

To discuss your crop plan for 2016 with us, contact your local Novus Ag Associate Partner or call our office at (937) 349-2080.

We thank you for choosing to do business with us.

Warmest Regards,


Brad Rivers

President of Novus Ag

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