Harvest Update

Innova Row StarterA field east of Marion was split with 6-24-4 plus ChixMix versus and untreated check with no starter. This grower saw a 13+ bu/acre yield increase on the side of the field treated with 6-24-6 and ChixMix.

ChixMix is a ready to use row starter additive formulated with several innovative technologies that compliment your chicken litter fertility program. When used at the recommended rates, ChixMix delivers powerful components that enhance germination, improve nutrient use efficiency and promote better root growth while improving soil composition, porosity and structure.

Whether you are using manure or dry fertilizer on your fields, we are proponents of a starter because of the yield increases we consistently see in fields like the one mentioned above. It is time to start your 2016 crop plan. To discuss all of your fertility options, including starters contact myself or any Novus Ag Associate Partner.


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