Harvest Update

Charlie Troxell of Troxell Farms in South Charleston, Ohio, treated his soybean crop with NutriMaxx Green. Results showed increased yields and healthier plants.

Here are the application details:

Approximately 300 acres of soybeans were treated with NutriMaxx Green at 1 gallon per acre.

NutriMaxx Green was applied with water at the V5 stage. The soybeans were stressed and needed water. The canopy had not closed and still had a lot of ground exposure. Treated fields vs. untreated fields were the same varieties planted within 2-3 days of each other. The treated fields were 3-4 per bushel better yield.

On a field with poor dirt, they applied half with NutriMaxx Green and half was left untreated.  Yield checks were done in several areas across the field.  There was a visible difference almost to the line of application. Treated sections of this field were up 8-9 bushels per acre.

To learn more about NutriMaxx Green as an option for your soybeans, contact myself or any Novus Ag Associate Partner.

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