Harvest Update

On a conversation at his Ohio farm, Eric Kesler of Kesler Farms in New Carlisle, talks about how using Innova Performance Products helped increase his corn and soybean yields on the 2015 harvest.

Here are the details of Eric’s program:



In furrow:  8-22-5 + ChixMix to get the seed germinated quickly and uniformly,  establish a vigorous early root system and get the most out of the litter that was spread the previous fall.  ChixMix was developed to compliment and work with applied litter.

Foliar:  Hype plus sugar early on corn for the micronutrients, stress relief and phytohormones.  Early application during ear initiation to help the plant reach its full genetic potential by keeping it stress free and growing properly with all that it needs.

Tassel Application: Chrome for a late season shot of Nitrogen and Boron during ear fill and finish.



In-furrow: 5-13-8 starter with our bean mix that included KaPre AG and KK Micro’s and sugar.

Eric wanted to get his beans off to a great start like he has seen his corn get off to.

Hype + Sugar at V5 to give the plant micronutrients, eliminate Manganese tie up from the herbicide application and encourage early branching and larger leaves with the phytohormones in it.

Another application later with the fungicide for basically the same plant health reasons and help give the soybeans a boost while pods are being formed and filled.


This custom plan was created specifically for Eric’s operation. To design a tailored fertility plan for your fields, contact myself or any Novus Ag Associate Partner.

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