Harvest Update

In Williamsport, Ohio, I had the opportunity to work with a grower who treated his corn crop at planting time in the spring of 2015 with four different fertility options. Results showed varying yields, and visual differences. Approximately 100 acres of corn were included in the treatment area. The application for each sample and corresponding yields are shown below.


Yield and moisture were collected and measured by hand during harvest and checked for accuracy against the combine yield maps. Grain samples from each trial were collected and sent in to the lab for analysis. Stay tuned for results from the grain quality testing.

The yield improvements shown were on the samples with applications of Triton and EcoPhos LFS.

Triton is a patented ready-to-use fertilizer solution that is formulated for planting time applications in corn or soybeans and other crops. It contains 5 micro nutrients, beneficial microbes and a supporting environment and food for those populations..

EcoPhos LFS is a proprietary phosphorus protectant product specially formulated for use on corn, soybeans, wheat and other crops. When paired with a phosphorus fertilizer source, EcoPhos LFS protects the P component of that source from being tied up in the soil, improving nutrient uptake to the plant and maximizing return on investment.

To learn more about Triton and EcoPhos LFS contact myself or any other Novus Ag associate partner.

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