How do you prevent sulfur deficiencies?

2016-02-16_12-31-15We are pleased to announce a new product in our line of Innova Performance Products, Ntise. Ntise provides supplemental sulfur in a form that is readily available to your crops.

Plants need sulfur to:

  • Make proteins
  • Craft chlorophyll
  • Fabricate enzymes and vitamins
  • Aid in seed production
  • Promote nodule formation in legumes
  • Facilitate trans location of sugars


Sulfur is considered to be the fourth major nutrient in terms of the quantity required for crops. Plants need an ample early supply of sulfate sulfur for rapid root development. Most of the sulfur in the soil is in the organic matter and unavailable to the plant. It must slowly go through a process called mineralization to become available to the crop in sulfate form.

Sulfur is a necessary partner with nitrogen to make complete proteins. It ensures a healthy, early response to your applied nitrogen. Sulfur also aids in efficient nitrogen stabilization.

We see that sulfur deficiencies continue to increase because yields are increasing. A sulfur deficiency impairs both yields and crop quality.

To learn more about Ntise and managing optimal sulfur levels in your fields, contact myself or any Novus Ag Associate Partner.

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