Introducing: Big Corn Concepts

As you know, on February 18th we had the privilege of hosting Randy Dowdy to a packed house at the Beck’s Research Facility in London, Ohio. Randy spoke to the group for a total of four hours about what he is doing to raise 500 bushel corn. Many of his thoughts and practices certainly challenge conventional wisdom and get you thinking of new ways to look at intensive management.

At Novus Ag we are creating a new blog series called “Big Corn Concepts.” With this blog we want to introduce to you some of the key principals that Randy is using to grow big corn.

Over the next few months this series will focus on four overall actionable concepts:

  1. Importance of Emergence
  2. Stress Mitigation
  3. Nutrient Delivery and Efficiency
  4. Efficient Application Passes

Please stay tuned for some great information to help you take your corn production to a new level.

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