Big Corn Concepts: Burndown

herbicide resistanceIf you are preparing to plant into a no-till field you are probably considering your burndown options for this year. Your burndown herbicides can be applied with your early pre-plant or separate. However, it is important to have a clean slate for the up coming planting season. A field of weeds can interfere with planting, planting timing, even stand emergence and ultimately yield.

Corn is much more sensitive to early season weed competition than soybeans which is why we often recommend using pre-emergence herbicides in corn to prevent yield loss and minimize selection for glyphosate resistant weeds. Early weed competition can affect yield if the crop is under stress (ex. drought, extreme wet conditions, cold soils), high weed seedling populations are present, and/or the crop is slow to establish.

Remember that environmental conditions and the size of the weeds can greatly affect the activity of burndown herbicides and weed control. Daytime temperatures above 55 F and nights above freezing with sunny days help improve herbicide activity. After a cold spell, wait for a few days of warm, sunny weather before applying herbicides and remember that herbicides work slower under cool conditions. Increasing the rate of the burndown herbicide may be necessary if weeds are stressed by cold conditions or are larger in size. Scout fields prior to spraying to ensure you use the correct herbicide program for the problem.

To discuss the best options for burndown in your fields, contact myself or any Novus Ag Associate Partner.


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