Big Corn Concepts: Development of the Nodal Roots

nodal rootsShortly after emergence the plant will rely on nodal roots as the primary source for water and nutrient uptake. If nodal root growth is impeded, the plant will not be able to reach nutrients needed for optimal growth and symptomology will appear above ground.

When growth is impeded sporadically throughout the field it is more problematic. If a plant falls too far behind it will not be able to compete with surrounding plants. An uneven stand can greatly reduce yield.

Starter fertilizers will localize nutrients to help overcome stresses that would otherwise reduce nodal root growth, cause uneven stands and reduce yield potential.

Here are some conditions where we recommend using row starters:

  • Cool Soils
  • Poorly Drained Soil
  • Early Planting
  • High Residue
  • Northern States
  • No-Till Fields
  • High Populations
  • Low Soil Test P
  • Low Soil Test K
  • Coarse Texture
  • Low Organic Matter
  • Extreme pH Levels

To learn more about how a row starters that can help your corn develop healthy nodal roots, contact myself or any Novus Ag Associate Partner.

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