Big Corn Concepts: Starter Fertilizers

corn responseStarting your crops off with adequate nutrition during the vegetative development phase is the primary reason for starter fertilizers.

What are starter fertilizers?

Starter fertilizers use a small amount of plant nutrients per acre placed in close proximity to the seed, typically at planting.

Why are starter fertilizers important?

Starter fertilizers can help enhance impeded root growth caused by weather, seedbed conditions, or other factors. Starter fertilizer can increase stand uniformity throughout a field, even when early season stresses occur.

When are starter fertilizers most beneficial?

Starter fertilizers can help increase early season vigor in many field conditions. Research has shown the greatest results in vigor and yield in no-till, reduced till, northern states, fields with low soil test phosphorus, and for growers who plant early in cool, wet conditions.

What is a fertilizer additive?

A fertilizer additive increases the number of plant-essential nutrients to complete your existing starter fertilizer. Fertilizer additives can also increase the efficiency of your starter by assuring the nutrients are plant-available.

Are there any other benefits to starter fertilizers and additives?

Many studies show a decrease in grain moisture content in fields treated with starter fertilizers. If grain moisture was reduced 1%, then at 150 bu/A the use of starter fertilizer can result in $6/ac savings in drier cost, based on the average Midwest cost of propane.

To learn which starter fertilizer options may be a good fit for your crop plan, contact myself or any Novus Ag Associate Partner.

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