Wheat: What to look for right now.

photoHave you wondered how wheat in the area is looking?

I’ve seen a little bit of everything depending on the field and variety planted. Striped Rust is becoming more prevalent in some fields and will continue to spread. This is an explosive disease and conditions continue to be favorable for it. Striped Rust can have a major impact on yields if it spreads to the flag leaf causing a reduced number of kernels and reduced test weight. The flag leaf accounts for 75% of the plant photosynthetic uptake during grain fill so keeping it clean is a must.

This week the head scab forecast from Penn State is saying that pressure is moderate on susceptible varieties but if there is disease present, such as Striped Rust, a heading application will also suppress the disease. I believe we will see reduced head scab pressure on wheat flowering in the next couple of days but still recommend a fungicide application during flowering because of other foliar disease threats.

Keep an eye out for Powdery Mildew as well, especially in drilled wheat with higher populations and excess nitrogen applications.

For more details on monitoring the health of your wheat, contact myself or any Novus Ag Associate Partner.

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