Tissue Sampling: What You Can’t See Can Hurt You

Taking tissue samples now identifies unseen nutrient deficiencies and imbalances in the growing crop that may or may not be visible as you walk your fields. When imbalances and deficiencies are discovered early they can be addressed with a foliar fertilizer or foliar nutritional application before yield has been negatively impacted. Once the deficiency symptoms appear in the plant, yield has been affected.

We sampled a corn field last week that appeared to have a Sulfur deficiency. We took samples from the yellow areas of the field and as well as samples from the good green part of the field.


The results from the tissue samples were somewhat surprising. The report shows the “Hidden Hunger” that all the plants had that wasn’t visible. Both the “good” green corn and the bad “yellow” corn were deficient in Boron, Copper, Zinc and Sulfur. We could only see the visible Sulfur deficiency in the yellow because it showed up earlier with 40% less than the good, but both were significantly less than the sufficient range needed for the plant to grow and yield as expected. Also notice how most of the other minerals are in larger percentages in the yellow area than the good area. Sulfur is critical in the synthesis of Nitrogen and in turn affects chlorophyll production. So the minerals are there, but not able to be utilized correctly.





Tissue sampling now and prior to tassel will help you monitor your crops nutrient needs to reach your yield goals and manage economic risk.

Novus Ag has a complete line of Innova Performance Products. These proven foliar fertilizers and nutritionals with bio-stimulants and stress relievers can proactively feed your crops and correct nutrient deficiencies.

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