Fall Herbicide Treatments

fall-herbicide-treatments-2Many growers have come to recognize the value of fall herbicide treatments for management of weeds in no-till systems. The goal of fall treatments is to control the Marestail and other winter annual weeds that have already emerged, in order to start the next crop year with a clean seedbed that warms up and dries out faster.  Taking care of Marestail now also helps to ensure the continued success of next year’s herbicide program, minimizing the risk of mid-season Marestail escapes.  Fall treatments are also a first line of defense against dandelion, Canada thistle, poison hemlock, and other tough biennial and perennial weeds.  We have generally observed fall treatments to have more utility in fields going to soybeans, but some growers opt to use them for both corn and soybeans.  It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money or apply complex herbicide mixtures in fall to accomplish the goal. Treatments can be applied any time after this year’s crop harvest. And if you’re worried about running out of time to apply this fall, herbicides are usually effective on Marestail and other winter annuals well into December.  Your Novus Ag agronomist can help you sort through the fall herbicide options and make sure fall-herbicide-treatments-1they fit into your overall weed management plan.

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