“Helping Hands”, The Importance of Mycorrhizae

An article in this month’s Progressive Farmer magazine makes several good points about the importance of mycorrhizal fungi and how they act as a root extension, can mineralize nutrients and block pathogens from entering the root system.

This behavior creates a healthy productive root system. As you read further, the author recommends limiting plowing and the use of minimum/ no-till practices and to not disturb the billions of “helping hands”.

This may be part of the reason why when you put fallow/crp ground back into production after several years of not disturbing it is very productive. Over time, in a lot of cases, the productivity falls off similar to the rest of the farm.

Novus Ag can help with getting more of these beneficial “helping hands” back in the soil profile. Novus Ag has a liquid product called Soil MD that has 5 different strains of native microbes which includes mycorrhizal fungi. Soil MD contains billions of beneficial bacteria, each having a specific job. It can be added to your starter fertilizer or sprayed over the top with herbicide as a preplant application.

Head on over to read the article from Dan Crummett-Progressive Farmer Contributing Editor-



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