Why Seed Treatments?

As we continue to strive for higher yields, uniform and simultaneous emergence is one of the first things that have to happen to insure that yield potential. Starter nutrition and residue management are two ways to help with this but something we can’t forget about is seed treatments.  Once the seed is planted it is immediately impacted by the environment that surrounds it. Whether that is insects and/or disease our yield potential can begin to dramatically decline. By using seed treatments and protecting the seed against insects and disease we can obtain satisfactory stands and early season vigor.  As seed costs continue to rise and we decrease soybean planting populations it is very important that every one of those seeds gets a fair chance to germinate and grow.  With the expectation for above average insect pressure this spring due to the temperatures we have experienced this winter be sure to know your seed is protected by choosing a proper seed treatment from your seed supplier.

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