Multiple Benefits from Fungicide Applications on Wheat at Head Emergence

Caramba and Prosaro are highly effective fungicides that provide significant yield protection and reductions of

deoxynivalenol (DON) levels in grain. They are not only effective on head scab, but provide control of late-season foliar

diseases as well. Head scab is the most destructive wheat disease that growers face, making grain unmarketable,

reducing yield and test weight and increasing levels of DON. Wheat growers that applied Caramba fungicide saw a 9+

bushel per acre advantage over untreated acres, as well as lower DON levels than the competition. *In replicated

research trials, Prosaro increases yield and helps preserve grain quality with a 66% reduction in DON levels.*


We recommend applying 1 gallon of Chrome with your fungicide application. Chrome contains Nitrogen, Boron.

Phosphorus, Sulfur, Fulvic Acid and Sugar. Chrome gives wheat in the reproductive stage a quick and highly efficient

source of the nutrients it needs to support higher yields, test weight and increased protein content.






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