Protecting one of corns most important nutrients

Protecting our investment is leading many of todays conversations with growers. What can we do better to reduce any risk of jeopardizing yield while maintaining a return on investment.

Nitrogen, one of the key nutrients of corn production is often put at risk of loss through volatilization, denitrification and leaching.  Protecting applied nitrogen gives us a tool minimize the causes of Nitrogen loss along with improving plant health and growth.

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 Protecting volatilization with Factor X2 or Cipher

 Urease inhibitors help protect against above ground nitrogen losses. This is achieved by limiting the actions of the urease enzyme that transforms urea into the ammonia form. When this transformation occurs, the nitrogen can be lost to ammonia volatilization. 

 Protecting leaching and denitrification with Function or Cipher.

 Nitrification inhibitors affect the nitrogen cycle by slowing down the Nitrosomonas bacteria that are present in the soil. This helps keep nitrogen in the ammonium form and less likely to be lost due to leaching and dentrification. This ensures nitrogen is available to the crop to uptake and to obtain maximum yield.


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