In The Field With Justin Rivers

No doubt this year hasn’t come without its challenges. The past ten days, some areas have seen a month’s worth of rain from just a storm or two. There defiantly are some fields that are struggling, and I think everyone has one or two, but there are many fields out there that look very good and have some great yield potential if mother nature continues to corporate. With that said, wet humid weather brings disease, and I have found something in almost every corn field I’ve been in. If you want to preserve yield potential, now is the time to manage disease and insects. Here are some pictures from last week…

Gray Leaf Spot (GLS)

–        Fungal disease that survives in the residue
–        Favored by warm temperatures and high humidity
–        May be visual before silking on lower leaves and will progress up the plant if weather continues to be favorable




Northern Corn Leaf Blight (NCLB)

–        Fungal disease favored by heavy dews, frequent showers, high humidity, and moderate temperatures
–        Survives in residue
–       Usually starts on lower leaves and will progress up the canopy, but can start on upper leaves first if spores are high in the residue
–        Can produce new spores very quickly, making it one of the fastest spreading leaf disease

Japanese Beetle Feeding in Soybeans

–        Insect pressure doesn’t seem to be slowing down
–        Also seeing bean leaf beetle, stink bugs, grasshoppers, and corn roots worm beetles
–        This can be easily addressed with an insecticide in the tank when making your fungicide application




I will be out looking at fields all week. If you have any questions on recommendations and application timing or want me to look at any of your fields, don’t hesitate to call.


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