Insect Pressure in Soybeans

What warrants a treatment?

Flowering, pod development, pod fill = 15 to 20% defoliation

Also, take into consideration if you are already making a trip across the field. Most insecticides mix easily with herbicides and fungicides and can be a ride along in the tank, reducing or eliminating the need for a separate application.

Insect pressure in soybeans

We continue to see increased insect pressure in a lot of soybean fields this week. Not only is leaf defoliation getting worse, but the sheer number of insects out in the field seems to be increasing. Fields need to be monitored closely as many are approaching or are at economic threshold levels. When choosing an insecticide, make sure to check the label for the correct rate for the insects present in your field. Most insecticide labels require higher rates for Japanese beetle, Grasshoppers, and Stink Bugs.

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