Planning Your 2018 Wheat Crop

With harvest getting closer, now is a great time to put a management plan in place for the 2018 wheat crop. Here are the first few things to think about when coming up with a strategy to maximize yield in wheat…

Seed Selection– Make sure you choose a variety that matches how you will manage the wheat. There are some great high yielding wheat varieties out there, but sometimes they may have weaker disease scores. If you aren’t willing to spray a fungicide, don’t plant a variety with a weak score on FHB or other foliar disease.

Fertility– Use a recent soil sample as a starting point. Base your fertilizer rates on the soil sample and yield goal. Make sure the fertilizer source you use, provides at least 25-30 lbs of nitrogen per acre. If you are taking straw off the field, don’t forget to account for that removal.

Weed control– Fall is a great time to control winter annuals which is often a problem early in the spring in many wheat fields. There are great burndown and residual options that can be used in front of wheat and will help reduce weed pressure in the spring.

Stay tuned for a follow up later this year with spring wheat management strategies.

If you have any questions or would like more details, contact us here at Novus Ag.

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