Fall burndown for proper weed control – your best bet for clean fields!

Is fall burndown a part of your crop management system? If not, you may struggle with proper weed control. To achieve clean fields next summer, multiple modes of action and incorporating a fall burndown herbicide application are a solid plan.

The pictures below are the results of a fall herbicide application that was done only on the perimeter round of a field. The grower and I were able to see a noticeable difference in weed control in the areas where he applied a fall burndown.

This photo was taken on April 12. As you can see, there are small patches of weeds on the untreated area on the right side of the picture.

Fall Burndown

The next photo was taken one week later on April 19. You can see the treated area to the left is still clean whereas there are a large number of weeds on the untreated portion of the field. Notice in one week’s time how rapidly the weeds grew on the untreated side of the field.

One interesting thing to note is that the soil temperature on the sprayed area was three degrees warmer than the untreated area. That warmer soil temperature provides better planting condition because your seed needs a soil temperature of at least 54 degrees to emerge evenly.

Fall Burndown

Our third picture was taken on July 17. Notice from the trees in the background that this photo was taken from a different point in the field. In July we still saw a dramatic difference between the portion which received the fall burndown application (on the right) and the untreated side of the field on the left. This is why we recommend a fall burndown. It is your chance to eliminate weeds before they ever have an opportunity to take hold.

Fall burndown

Here is the program the grower in this side by side used on the treated portion of the field:

Fall burndown application:

  • 1 quart per acre of Weedmaster
  • 32 ounces of Buccaneer Plus
  • 1 gallon per hundred gallons of Diplomat

Spring Application:

  • 2,4-D with a residual

In-Season Application:

  • Roundup

Now is the time to plan your fall burndown application. To add fall burndown to your 2018 crop plan, please contact me.

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