Growers: Spring Plant Preparation Ideas

It’s no secret that in the winter months there is a lot of planning and preparing that takes place before spring planting. We know that taking care of everything is hard enough, esecially when you are running a progressive operation. Maybe this year you plan to implement some new programs into your 2018 planting season, but don’t know where to start. In order to achieve a successful spring planting process, here are a few things to think about while there is still time.

  • Soil sampling that was not done last fall
  • Herbicide mix sheets with rates and mixing orders
  • Herbicide program adjustments, such as, a better burndown program
  • Planter checks and adjustments
  • A fertility program to meet your yield goals
  • Starter fertilizer with micros
  • In crop applications: nutritionals, fungicides, and insecticides

We believe that making sure your crops get off to a good start this spring is the beginning of a successful growing season. Novus Ag carries advanced row starter products and starter fertilizer nutritionals to help with those growing needs. Triton, for example, is a starter fertilizer nutritional, formulated with unique technologies that have a history of boosting crop performance. Check out some pictures below.

The corn and root system on the left is 9-18-9 + Triton and the right is with out the use of Triton. Triton delivers powerful components critical for successful germination, improved nutrient use efficiency, and stress-tolerance. It also improves soil composition, porosity, and structure. We encourage you to take advantage of these months in between, so that when spring rolls around everything is in place to have a great season.

If you are still seeking a new program to achieve those goals, be looking for updates on and/or contact anyone on our sales team. Also, visit for more information on Triton.

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