It’s Not Too Late For Discovering Yield Limiting Factors

Do you know your yield limiting factors? Do you want to uncover the possibilities of your operation? This year, let’s focus on learning and growing in success together. Our sampling program includes everything you will need to discover more about your operation and it is not too late to join.

If you are still skeptical on whether or not the program is for you, ask last year’s program participant and National Corn Growers State Winner, Cory Atley. Cory came in 3rd place in Ohio with his 6589V2P Beck’s Hybrid. He had a yield of 295.99 bushels/ac. Cory was also a National Winner with his 81.6 bu/ac. soybeans.

Achieving major yields in Ohio is possible and it’s happening. Let’s work together and find those yield limiting factors. View the program in its entirety here. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Call a sales associate today for details.

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