Friday’s Pre-Plant Meeting Highlights

Last Friday, Novus Ag held their Pre-Plant Growers Meeting with special guest, Missy Bauer. Missy is a leading agronomist in the industry and has been a key educator at Corn College since its first year in 2008. Bauer has also worked closely with Farm Journal Field Agronomist Ken Ferrie for over 10 years. She is a graduate of Purdue University with a master’s degree in agronomy and has a bachelor’s degree in crop & soil sciences from Michigan State University.

This meeting included valuable information on how to set the stage for high yields by ensuring uniform emergence and incorporating starter into fertility programs. Misplaced seed is a key reason for uneven emergence. Bauer encouraged growers to watch planting speed, check for tightness of bolts, and make sure the planter is level. Adding a starter to your program is also a great way to increase chances of never letting corn have a bad day. Bauer included examples of how starter helped produce a “bigger, greener, and more advanced in maturity plant.”

The second session was all about nitrogen timing and placement. Bauer discussed the carbon penalty and included insightful research on how important it is to make sure there is enough nitrogen all the way through. You need nitrogen at different times for different jobs. She asked our growers, “Is your nitrogen program set up to combat nitrogen friendly years and nitrogen thirsty years?” We never know what kind of year it is going to be, so timing nitrogen applications correctly is extremely important for promoting high yields. When corn is at the V 10 stage, it is taking up 7-10 lbs. of N per day. Adding more N is not always the answer; make sure you are looking at how efficient the program is. Bauer concluded by telling our growers, “From emergence to thigh high- inches matter and placement is crucial.”

We are thrilled we got the opportunity to learn more efficient ways to gain high yields and share valuable information with growers. Thank you to Missy Bauer for preparing two excellent sessions and to all the growers that took time to join us on Friday. Novus Ag encourages those that attended and those that couldn’t make it to contact a sales associate for more information from the meeting. Also, for suggestions on products they can add before this year’s planting season begins. We were also excited to announce our program at the meeting for growers to learn more about their yield potentials. Be on the lookout for our posts following this with information on the program and how you can enroll today!


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