Product Spotlight: Eco Brand Fertilizers

Maximize Nutrient Availability

Something to think about this growing season is maximizing the availability of phosphate and potassium in your soils. Novus Ag carries EcoMap and EcoK, treated dry fertilizers that could be a successful addition to your fertilizer program. Many phosphates and micronutrients fixate in the soil causing less uptake to the crop. This makes it especially important when considering a stabilized phosphate fertilizer versus unstabilized.

Stabilized vs. Unstabilizedsoybean temperature requirements

The use of phosphate stabilizers can greatly reduce the amount of phosphates that get tied up inthe soil. EcoMap is a negatively charged phosphate fertilizer which allows for improved nutrient uptake. With less nutrient fixation, the plant can reach its full yield potential. EcoMap benefits the grower, the environment, and the crop in three ways.

  1. Limits the chemical fixation of the negatively charged phosphate with the positively charged cations that are in the soil, water, and fertilizer.
  2. The crop utilizes more phosphate. With less unusable phosphate in the soil, harmful environmental impacts also decrease.
  3. Increased macro, micro, and secondary nutrients and valuable increases in seed protein digestibility. Roots are able to pull key nutrients into the plant.

Potassium is demanded in large quantities later in the growing season. Slowing the absorption process will make this potassium available when it needs to be. EcoK uses proprietary P3 technology and fulvic acid that reduces the potassium from chemical fixation. Thus, making potassium more available to the plant throughout the growing season. This can contribute to a better stand, larger seed size, better overall plant health, and ultimately increased yield.

With margins tight this year, it is necessary that growers get a better return from their investments. These two products have proven to maximize profitability with better yield potential. If you would like more information on Eco brand fertilizers, please contact Novus Ag at 937-349-2080 or any of our sales team members.


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