#ScoreUniformEmergence With Even Soil Moisture

Last week’s blog covered the importance of planting into the right soil temperature to achieve uniform emergence. One of the other necessities in uniform emergence is planting into even soil moisture. Think of it this way, if you want even emergence among crops, then you need even moisture throughout your planting depth. Not doing this can be a primary cause of uneven emergence.

Variable soil moistures can be caused by things that are sometimes unavoidable. Soils have different characteristics, so making sure you are aware of your soil type is beneficial. Tillage patterns, weather conditions, and uneven seeding depth are also factors in soil moisture. In order for corn kernels to germinate at the same time, they need adequate amounts of water. Kernels absorb water within the first 36 hours they are planted. Corn kernels also must absorb at least 30% of their weight in water before they can germinate.

Because some of the things listed above can be up to mother nature, we advise paying attention to your seeding depth more closely this year. Most know that planting above 1.5 inches is not ideal for even soil moisture. If you increase your seeding depth to 2.5-3 inches, you will be in even soil moisture. The benefits of having uniform emergence always include higher yields and more advanced crops. Don’t let emergence get away from you this year.

Next week, we will discuss how uniform emergence also depends on seed-to-soil contact. Don’t forget to enroll in our grower’s program which includes flags for emergence testing. Contact a sales associate to enroll and click here for more information on all that’s included in our sampling program.


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