Not Merely a Race, More of a Relay

With the hype of early planting and various equipment combinations for multiple row starter placement and applications, Farm Journal agronomist Ken Ferrie has pin-pointed the benefits of using a starter fertilizer.

In-furrow has gained a 3 to 5 bushel advantage and a 2 x 2 application has responded with a 7 to 10 bushel advantage over no starter. Using a dual placement has shown upwards of 15 bushel advantages. Dual placement is where we begin our “relay effect.” The fertility placed is like handing a “baton” to the roots. The corn roots find nutrients placed by each delivery system and continue to develop; never shorting themselves of nutrient needs in the early growth stages. Therefore the crop never has a bad day.

We believe that making sure your crops get off to a good start this spring is the beginning of a successful growing season. Novus Ag carries advanced row starter products and starter fertilizer nutritionals to help with those growing needs.

  • Triton, for example, is a starter fertilizer nutritional, formulated with unique technologies that have a history of boosting crop performance.
  • NX2 (14-20-0-4) and PX2 (19-10-0-4) are premium 2×2 starters and are an ideal way to deliver a balanced blend of nutrients quickly.

There is still time to put forth your best effort in maximizing your profitability by ensuring your corn crop starts right, grows right, and finishes right. Contact a sales associate today.

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