Spring Burndown Tips and Reminders

Weeds should ideally be controlled at least a couple of weeks prior to planting. This allows for the proper decomposition of plant material from the weeds. If a burndown application is applied too early, weeds can possibly emerge again prior to planting. If you then plant into fields that have newly emerged weeds, this can cause uneven crop emergence.

It is also important to note that temperature can have an effect on burndown applications. The effectiveness of a burndown application can be reduced by cold temperatures because weeds are killed when they metabolize the herbicide. Plant metabolism is slowed during colder weather, so this can extend the time it takes for the herbicide to metabolize within the weed. Try to delay a burndown application until night time temperatures are above 40 degrees Fahrenheit and day time temperatures are at least in the high 50’s.

Weed control can possibly be even more effective if several days of warmer weather are allowed before a burndown application. Incorporate a residual herbicide for your burndown application. It can be very beneficial in combatting tough weeds such as marestail and giant ragweed. When applying the residual herbicide, it is important to allow enough time for residue decomposition before planting.

For recommendations and proven to perform methods on a burndown program for your operation, contact a Novus Ag Sales Associate or our office at 937.349.2080.


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