Current Photos of Beans Planted by March 19th and Corn Planted April 13th

Jakob Wilson from JCW Farms Partnership, had a test trial of soybeans in the ground by March 19th this year. Among the many discussions of planting soybeans early, AJ Woodyard, BASF Technical Crop Production Specialist, spoke at our Winter Grower’s meeting on how he had success in planting beans early. His goal is to have soybeans intercepting as much light as possible on the summer solstice, June 21st while they are in the reproductive stage.

Woodyard said, “You can’t change the number of days the soybean plant is in the vegetative stage, but you can change how long it is in the reproductive stage.” Hence, the earlier planting date push for a better flower and pod set. Wilson, who attended our Winter Meeting, took his advice and got his soybeans in the ground early. Below are pictures of the beans currently and we will be anxious to follow them throughout this season.

The corn pictured below was also planted on JCW Farms Partnership on April 13th with a May 6th emergence date.

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