Herbicide & Adjuvant Mixing Sequence Methods #TheAdjuvantSeries

Having a proper tank mixing sequence you practice on your farming operation may not get thought of the most, but it is extremely important. One of the most critical things you can do this year when applying herbicide is mixing your tank correctly. Having a bad reaction amongst the chemicals can cause a loss of pesticide effectiveness. It may also cause clogged nozzles, lack of weed control, excessive foaming, and tank clumps. Get the most out of your inputs and ensure tank mixing success by remembering the methods below or print this off as a guide for your farm.


A: Agitate Water- tank 1/3 to 1/2 full

P: Powders (Soluble)- water soluble packets (such as FirstRate ®)

P: Powders Dry Flowables/ Extruded Granulars (Authority XL® or Envive ®)

L: Liquids- Flowables/Suspensions (Atrazine)

E: Emulsifiable Concentrates and Solutions (insecticides and fungicides)

S: Surfactants- COC, HSOC, MSO, and liquid adjuvants (Diplomat® or Sundance II®)



*Fill tank 1/2 full of water with agitate on

W: Wettable Powders, flowable

A: Agitate, antiflowing compounds, buffers

M: Microcapsule Suspension

L: Liquid and Soluble

E: Emulsifiable Concentrates

G: High Load Glyphosates

S: Surfactants

For any more tank mixing questions or suggestions on adjuvants please contact a sales associate or our office at 937-349-2080.


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