How and Why Are Adjuvants Important? #TheAdjuvantSeries

Preparing For Post-Emergence Applications

Planting season is officially getting into full swing and with that comes the application of post-emergence pesticides. Some applications can become complex and ensuring correct pesticide-adjuvant selections will increase your success rates. We want to make sure that when it comes to making the right decision on adjuvants, you have no worries. soybean temperature requirements

For the next couple weeks, we would like to share valuable information provided by the Rosen’s Inc. Medallion Quality Adjuvant Guide. Rosen’s Inc. leads the industry in developing innovative and environmentally responsible solutions for today’s agribusiness. #TheAdjuvantSeries will take growers through how and why adjuvants are important, understanding weed barriers of entry, the history of adjuvants, the different kinds of adjuvants, and answers to common questions.

Why Are Adjuvants Important?

Adjuvants benefit herbicide performance in multiple ways listed below:

• Provides spray tank compatibility
• Overcomes antagonism of herbicides
• Coverage of weeds
• Penetrate weed barriers of entry
• Transport herbicides to the point of activity

How Critical Are Adjuvants?

The graph below gives an example of the importance of adjuvants to an ALS based herbicide.


Courtesy of Rosen’s Inc. Medallion Quality Adjuvant Guide

How Do You Determine the Right Adjuvant Package?

There are many determining factors that can help a grower decide what adjuvant to use. Those include: weather conditions, application techniques, pest spectrum, and crop condition. Gaining knowledge about the different types of adjuvants will help prepare you when you go to make an application.

“85% of the results depend on 15% of the investment – adjuvants provide more than just insurance – they provide post emergence performance.”

“Remember, the most expensive application is the one that fails to accomplish the purpose for which it is applied.”

Many chemicals require NIS, AMS or a combination of the two. For recommendations or questions don’t hesitate to speak to an Associate Partner today and stay tuned for the second part in our adjuvant series that will discuss the barriers of entry and how adjuvants help break through them.

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