Out In The Field Video with Justin Rivers & Jake Straub on In-Furrow Root Systems

Novus Ag Associate Partner, Justin Rivers and Jake Straub with Performance Nutrition take a look at an in-furrow root system with Triton and 3-18-18. At this growth stage in corn Jake discusses that you should be seeing a lot of root hairs and white roots which means they are already very active in the soil. One of the most important things to remember this growing season is never to let your crops have a bad day. Crops are off to a great start from what we have seen so far and we want to keep them as healthy as possible. Try including a foliar like Hype while post spraying to get a good source of micronutrients the plant needs while also decreasing stress. To learn more about these products, contact an Associate Partner today and visit our Innova Performance Products website.

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