Frogeye Found in Northern Ohio, Be Prepared for Disease Early

Most disease developments like Frogeye favor warm and humid conditions along with frequent rainfalls. The weather we have been experiencing lately fits this description perfectly. There is no doubt this will encourage early onset of disease this year. Not to mention, most crops are further ahead in GDUs than last year. This puts growers at major risk for disease to be present early and to spread quickly. While it may seem quick to find certain diseases such as Frogeye, these conditions have become a game changer.

Darke County (6/20/18)








Frogeye was found in Northwest Ohio recently and in multiple fields. Please make sure you are prepared for disease early on, especially this year. Frogeye can be a severe problem and susceptible soybean varieties are at risk for yield losses approaching 30%. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

When checking fields for Frogeye symptoms here are some things to remember:
• Begins as circular/irregular shaped spots on the upper surface of the leaf
• Develop into dark brown lesions surrounded by reddish-brown margins
• Leaves with heavy disease symptoms may wilt and drop

Preventive management practices include planting resistant soybean varieties, rotating crops to break the disease cycle and reducing inoculum levels by considering tillage. We urge you not to wait until you spot disease in the fields to treat it with a foliar fungicide, but rather follow the mindset that disease is probably there already. Not only will fungicide applications protect your crops from yield loss, but have many other benefits. They help with plant stress, stand ability, and overall plant health. They also give you another chance at adding valuable insecticides and foliar nutritionals to your pass. For any questions on disease, fungicides, rates, and timing please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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