Novus Ag ft. Advanced Yield and Performance Nutrition on Healthy Root Systems

Take a journey with our team and some professionals in high yielding crops and plant health as we spend a day looking at the early growth stages of corn and bean root systems. We found even emergence, big and healthy roots, and a foreshadow of high yielding stands. Our products can be your complete package or a dose of exactly what you need to get rid of your limiting factor this season and for seasons to come. We want to give a special thank you to Jake Straub from Performance Nutrition for taking time to visit with our growers and teach them valuable information about plant, soil, and root health, as well as, Corey Atley with Advanced Yield LLC for his knowledge on what goes into a high yielding crop. If you are curious on any of our products and how to incorporate them in your future plans, please call our office, find us on social media, or contact an Associate Partner.

Learn more about products mentioned in this video:

Innova Row Starter 6-24-6

Crop Mix II

TerraMax Soybean and Corn Inoculants

Footage captured on: May 23, 2018

Growth Stages captured: corn-V3 & soybeans-V2

Location: Cedarville, OH

Grower: Corey Atley


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