The Newest and Biggest HYPE at Novus Ag

It’s finally official. Hype is now labeled as an approved product for tank mixing with Engenia® herbicide. This labeled nutritional will carry the name “Hype D” and can now be seen on

We have seen Hype™ by Innova Performance Products, become one of the most successful high yielding contributors on the market which is why this is big news for growers who use Hype™ and who want to in the future. It has quickly become our number one foliar nutritional on soybeans applied during the vegetative stages. Hype™ was developed to be a quick and efficient source of the nutrients plants need along with bio-stimulants for increased growth and better stress tolerance. Growers who have seen the benefits and yield increases from using Hype™ with glyphosate now have the option of Hype-D with Engenia.

To add Hype D to your Engenia® passes this year, call and Associate Partner or our office today!


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