Over $10,000 Worth in Aerial Applications Given to Novus Ag Fly-In Attendees

Last Thursday Novus Ag had their first ever fly-in event with Fisher’s Crop Care by Air. The event started out at the Madison County Airport where Brian Fisher made an impressive landing in his brand new 2018 plane. When Brian was just 5 years old he was flying in an airplane and has been doing aerial applications for 20 years now. Only that kind of experience enables him to fly the way he does (check out the video below!) Brian is an experienced applicator and takes pride in his work. Some of the growers present at the fly-in attested to this by sharing examples of how Brian truly looked out for their best interest. He informed them of field conditions like green snap and wet spots and made good judgement calls on when to spray and when not to.

Brian let the growers walk around his new plane up close, so they could have visible knowledge of how it works. He explained the new technology in the plane, benefits of an airplane versus a helicopter, application rates, and answered any questions growers had. The meeting wrapped up at Beck’s Hybrids with a presentation and discussion from our Associate Partners and representatives from Bayer, BASF, and FMC. It covered the many things we have seen and experienced in this growing season so far.

Some of the main points were:

• There have been excellent emergence, great stands, and rapid growth
• The next 30-60 days are critical for pollination, photosynthesis, pod and grain fill, and there will be large nutrient demands
• The negative impactors of these are weather, nutrient deficiency, insects and disease
• Diseases like Gray Leaf Spot, Northern Corn Leaf Blight, and Frogeye Leaf Spot are already present
• Always spray if you see disease, layer fungicides so you have control all season, and add insecticides or nutritionals when needed to make the most of your passes

Growers who attended the event took home fly-in t-shirts but more excitingly over $10,000 worth in aerial applications were given to those that signed up acres. Novus Ag wants to thank everyone who attended the fly-in and hopes it was a great opportunity to learn about aerial applications and save money towards them. Remember there is a great option for you in aerial spraying. It is timely, efficient, and prevents track damage to crops.  The Associate Partners would be happy to give you recommendations on products for applications that benefit your operation and want to help you have the best growing season you can. Also, thank you to Brian Fisher once again for taking time out of a busy schedule to give local growers a fun and unique opportunity.


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