Taking Aerial Acre Goals to New Heights


Dirty Planes= Thousands of Acres and Dedicated People

The outside of Brian Fisher’s plane is just a testament to the hard work that goes on inside the plane and the planning before it can even be ready to take off. The priority is always the grower and we are proud to serve to the best of our abilities to get your aerial acres sprayed. Thankfully, we have some incredibly talented people to work with and Fisher’s Crop Care by Air makes sure to get the job done. We enjoy bringing you updates of what goes on behind the scenes and we thank our customers for being patient and cooperative.

This past weekend we covered 8,000 total acres aerially. When we hear these numbers, we see the customers they belong to and the planning behind their success. We also see the crops that are benefiting from these applications. With heavy disease and insect pressure, we see many opportunities for growers to protect their crops with these services. There is still time for corn to be sprayed and we are on schedule. If you need acres flown, we can get them done within a day or two. We encourage you to contact us if you have any interest in aerial applications. 

Also, now is a great time to start thinking about spraying soybean acres as well. We see many benefits using an airplanes capability when applying fungicides to your soybeans this year. There is no wheel track damage, uniform spray coverage, zero compaction, and a faster application. Once again, thank you to everyone involved in helping make these acres possible and please feel free to reach us for program recommendations and aerial questions.

For more info on spraying soybeans aerially: https://www.novusag.com/2018/03/3198/

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