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Fall Burndown

What a difference it can make when fall burndown is a priority in your weed management system. Last fall, most struggled to make fall burndown applications happen and because of that, many saw the negative aftermath. This year, we can take note of what we saw from last year and create a program that works best.

Take notice of the weeds you are seeing right now. Whether it be from the combine, field scouting, or just driving along the road. If they

Fall burndown

are there, that means there are already weed seed banks and more weeds are to follow. Also, if your crops are being harvested earlier this year, weeds that germinate later in the season and will mature enough to produce more seed. This is only adding to your weed seed bank.

Post harvest applications could be your ticket to an excellent weed management system. Having a residual will help you control late season weeds and early winter annuals. Many growers are finding that strategically planning their residual herbicide passes, it is providing the most dependable weed control. Often times, we are fighting herbicide resistant weeds, such as waterhemp, giant ragweed, and marestail. Having these kind of systems in place encourage fields drying faster, extra moisture for the young plants, better planting conditions, and overall improvement of yield opportunity.

Taking a look back at our fall burndown from last year can help determine what we need to do for this year. For better protection, we advise to also do a pre-emergence herbicide on your fields because even if the fields look clean from fall burndown, seed banks could still be present.

For a full burndown program recommendation, questions on timing, what adjuvants you need, and other inquires please call an Associate Partner today.

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