Make Your Best Soybean Selection


5 Things You Need to Consider

Every year farmers are faced with the big decision on seed selection. It may be easy to purchase similar varieties every year, but the best decision you can make is the one that will benefit your operation the most.  In order to do that, you need to review research and results, take careful observation of your own fields quality year after year, and talk with a trusted and knowledgable seed advisor or agronomist.

Northwest Ohio Farmer and seed rep, Scott Gillen, and Pioneer Territory Manager Chasitie Euler, have a combined 44 years in the seed industry. A recent article in Field Leader, shared their outline approach to help Ohio growers get their soybean crop off to its best start. We want to share that with you today, so you can implement it into your own seed selection practices.

  1. Select soybean varieties for yield potential
  2. Align seed choice with herbicide strategy
  3. Consider soil types and defend against diseases
  4. Account for row width, plant height, and canopy
  5. New seed trait technology

Yield is one of the top factors you should look for when choosing soybean varieties. Look at plot performance, university publications, and talk to dealers about results. It’s also good to check the company website for any valuable information.

Figure out what weed control strategy you will be using and choose a variety that works best with that program. We would be happy to assist in helping develop a weed control strategy based off of your operations needs. Ensuring compatible seed and chemical will help produce high yields. Always work towards planting into a weed-free field.

Diseases to watch for in Ohio are phytophthora in heavy, clay soils and white mold in sandy, light soils. Also, sudden death syndrome and soybean cyst nematodes. Selecting seed traits that are better at handling these diseases will keep your crop on the forefront of managing disease during the growing season.

Row spacing is another thing to consider when purchasing seed. Some Ohio farmers are switching up their usual soybean spacing. Always keep in account what soybeans thrive in different spacings. Identify varieties that have strong stand-ability in narrow rows and those that will bush out well in wide rows.

If you are able, try to plant test plots with new seed traits and technology. Before making large purchases, this will give you the data to look back on and see what seed variety worked best in your soils. Maybe there is something that ends up working better for you. Try new things and learn from those results.

We would be happy to assist in any seed making and weed program decision you are faced with this year. Making sure you choose the best soybean seed variety is important for our current market today. For further questions on soybean seed or what we can offer you, please contact your local Associate Partner or call Brian Higgins at (937) 594-8681.

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